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Holy Child Senior Secondary School

Holy Child Senior Secondary School

Holy Child Senior Secondary School was founded in March 1988 from Class Nursery to Class VI and over some time got expanded up to Class 12. Although operating on stretched resources back in the day, the school was true to its commitment of imparting meaningful education to all the students which would enable a student to become a responsible citizen of the country and not a mere resident. The school has seen steady progress in the last three decades in all the avenues of education. Be it academic results, sports, or co-curricular activities, Holy Child Sr. Sec. school has left its indelible impression everywhere. We have produced national and international level sportspersons who have always brought laurels to state as well as the country.

To put things into perspective, our sportspersons have won scholarships worth more than Rs. 1.25 Crores in just last 4 years as granted by Dept. of Sports and Youth Affairs, Govt. of Haryana. On the front of academic results, we have made it to Haryana Top-10 in Board exams for 26 times. Worth mentioning is the point that these are only the tangible successes that come as a byproduct of the efforts that we put in for grooming a child. Our primary emphasis remains on the holistic development of the child which is way beyond the exam results.

Aims & Objectives

School years are the most crucial years for shaping up a person’s personality. The environment during this most important period must provide the experience for the physical, intellectual, ethical, moral, spiritual, and social development of the child. Moreover, it should also enable the child to cope with the ever-growing challenges of life. The creative and modern education in our school is aimed at:

Drawing out the best in each child by teaching the value and joy of purposeful work and helping them to develop both, physically and mentally.
To build a firm foundation at schooling is essentially required by the student to handle the higher education of his choice.
To develop self-confidence in every student and a sense of responsibility or leadership quality in every sphere of life.
To perform the role of nation builder by sharpening the perceptions that contribute to national cohesion, scientific temperament, and independence of mind and spirit.
To impart and pass on cultural heritage and values to every student and to produce an enlightened and a complete human being.


Holy Child Senior Secondary School is located in a pollution-free environment. It possesses a new modern building with all the required facilities. Peaceful surroundings and an aesthetically designed building with airy rooms make learning very interesting and fascinating. The students have been provided with attractive and comfortable furniture.

Modern Activity Room:
Activity Rooms are created to provide the young creative minds to display their talent. Primary Wing and Secondary Wing have got their separate Activity rooms. It is a specially designed room with a good ambiance that stimulates the joy of learning. It consists of colorful furniture, a projector with an advanced sound system, educational toys, various teaching aids, and educational CD’s.

There is a well-separated library wing in the school. Students are encouraged to read books outside their curriculum to broaden their horizons. Thoughtfully graded books are made accessible for the students.

Science Lab:
To ensure an ambiance of innovative, creative, and contemporary pedagogy, the theory classes are supplemented with practical knowledge. The school possesses Physics, Biology, and Chemistry labs equipped with the necessary apparatus and infrastructure to facilitate the students to do various scientific experiments and activities.

Mathematics and Geography Labs:
For subjects other than Science, teaching Mathematics and Geography also demands a supplementary approach. To cater to that need, the school offers dedicated lab rooms for Mathematics and Geography with a wide array of equipment.

Music Room:
The school understands the aesthetic sensibilities amongst students and therefore, to cater to this, the school has a separate ‘Music Room’ with various musical instruments – both contemporary and traditional.

Digital Classrooms:
To sharpen the grasping power of students, pedagogy needs to inculcate teaching through the digital method as well. To further that perspective, Digital rooms are provided to benefit the students where students are taught as per need of the topic they are studying.

Computer Lab:
Our students are given preliminary exposure to the fascinating ‘World of Computers’. All the equipment in the labs are upgraded with multimedia facilities. An online network of workstations and knowledge makes learning fast and convenient for students.